Wild Hope

"In Wildness is the preservation of the world."
— Henry David Thoreau


Flickering points of light spilling out of the sky’s black bowl. The barely audible skitter of insects in the shadows of towering sandstone cliffs. The wonder of a delicate spider web. Wild Hope tells the story of our deep inner connection to the natural world, a connection that has the power to rewire our brains, take us back to our deepest roots, and change how we think and act in a world that needs our care.

This short documentary film combines personal story, research, science and passion in a unique mix that inspires protection of wild ecosystems against an unrelenting materialistic culture causing social malaise and environmental crisis.

Tim Jackson, British ecological economist, and professor of sustainable development, asks us to consider the emptiness of our consumption-based economy.

“We spend money we don’t have, to buy things we don’t need, to make impressions that won’t last on people we don’t care about.”

Professor of Economics, Lisi Krall spells out the grim reality of the impact of this destructive system on our natural world:

“Our present economic system cannot be reconciled with a reverence for the wild impulse of the Earth.”

Simply put: consumption depletes; nature renews.

Our economic system fails us, but our tie to the natural world is elemental. Scientific studies document the power of nature to reduce stress, shorten healing times, and ameliorate trauma. Robin Wall Kimmerer, plant ecologist and Director of the Center for Native Peoples and the Environment at SUNY Syracuse tells us:

“Contact with the natural world stimulates the release of oxytocin, the same chemical that promotes bonding between mother and child.”

Garett Reppenhagen of Vet Voice Foundation knows this power well:

"When I returned home after serving as a US Army Sniper in Iraq it was the wild spaces that saved my life.”

Psychological research also verifies that the awe of the natural world turns our attention away from ourselves, challenging our expectations about what is and can be, to something greater than self — inviting us to transcend our day-to-day agendas and limits, to un-self and to care.

We don’t have decades to change course and protect what is vital to ecological and psychological health on Earth. Wild Hope, dares to challenge the economic underpinnings driving climate change, and awaken us to the possibility of a more meaningful life—a life defined not by consumption, but by compassion. The film reveals the power of wild landscapes to reframe mental paradigms and provide an alternative to the dead end of an acquisitive economy.

The time to spread this crucial message is now.


Featured Interviews

Bill McKibben — Author, Activist, Founder of 350.org

Naomi Klein — Activist, Best-selling Author of This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate

Jamie Williams — President of The Wilderness Society

George Monbiot — Syndicated columnist for the Guardian, Author of Feral: Rewilding the Land, the Sea, and Human Life

Rose Marcario — CEO, Patagonia

Kathleen Dean Moore — Distinguished Professor of Philosophy Emerita at Oregon State University, Author of Wild Comfort and Great Tide Rising

Tim Kasser — Professor of Psychology at Knox College, Author of The High Price of Materialism

Lisi Krall — Professor of Economics at SUNY Cortland, Contributor to Keeping the Wild

Shelley Silbert — Executive Director of Great Old Broads for Wilderness

Rose Chilcoat — Former Associate Director of Great Old Broads for Wilderness

Lexi Ruskin — Outward Bound


Production Team

Suez Jacobson, Executive Producer, is an environmental activist, writer, and Professor of Economics at Regis University. Jacobson holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Utah and has taught in the US and abroad at private and public universities for thirty years.


Production Schedule

Pre-production began in the summer of 2015 with interviews of leading economists, psychologists, philosophers, authors, wilderness advocates and climate activists. These interviews formed the basis for a trailer and website in spring 2016. We are now raising the necessary funds to add to our already impressive interviewee list and complete the film for premier and release in summer 2018.


Distribution and Marketing

Wild Hope will appeal to a broad spectrum of viewers with a provocative message voiced by powerful advocates from a variety of disciplines. The participation of internationally known interviewees will raise the film’s profile while generating buzz among important allied groups. In addition, a targeted public relations strategy will build interest throughout the production process.

Groups that have agreed to sponsor screenings include outdoor companies, microbreweries and nonprofit conservation groups including Great Old Broads for Wilderness, Conservation Colorado, WildEarth Guardians, and Wilderness Workshop. John Hoyskins-Abrahall, President of Bullfrog films, a leading US distributor of independently produced environmental DVDs and videos, has endorsed Wild Hope as a powerful tool for education. It will also be submitted to regional and national film festivals and the environmental film festival circuit (Telluride Mountainfilm, Patagonia Wild and Scenic Film Festival, Banff Mountain Film Fest, and others).


Project Management

Great Old Broads for Wilderness (greatoldbroads.org) is the 501c3 fiscal agent for Wild Hope. The film aligns directly with Broads’ mission to engage and inspire activism of elders to protect wild lands and mitigate climate change. Tax-deductible contributions to support the film are independent of support for the ongoing work of our fiscal sponsor.


Production Process

Wild Hope will include interviews with a wide array of writers, philosophers, scientists, economists, and activists, backed up with personal stories of transformation. The film is dedicated to “carbon-conscious filming,” using zero air miles by relying on internet technology to record interviews. Rife with insight and inspiration, the script builds a compelling case for the power of wilderness to transform our mental models and motivate action. Original music production will provide a perfectly orchestrated undercurrent enhancing the mood and message. Archival photos and footage, along with a stylized blend of newly produced imagery, will engage viewers while bringing deeper meaning to the story.


Words of Support for Wild Hope

“This film tackles the crucial issues of our age in ways that no one has attempted before. It will wake up all those who watch it to the wonders of the world and the need - for both humans and all other lifeforms - to protect and enhance them.”

— George Monbiot, The Guardian

"Most humans realize that we are destroying the capacity of our planet to support complex life, even if they don’t want to admit it. Unless we create a saner way of living, we will take not only ourselves, but also the gorgeous array of non-human companions who are hoping that we come to our senses before it is too late. By gathering the wisest voices pointing in the direction we must go, Wild Hope can help us choke back the fear and begin a desperate joyride toward the possibility of a meaningful future."

— Bill Hedden, Executive Director, Grand Canyon Trust

“As I’ve woken up to the damage we are doing to our planet, the impact of encroaching development, and the danger of growth-at-all costs mentality, I’ve become deeply troubled about the irreversible harm we may be inflicting. And it seems that collectively, our heads are in the sand about what is going on. We need to raise awareness and fight this fight on every front. Given my concerns, when I viewed the Wild Hope trailer it immediately resonated and motivated me to want to support this project.”

— Ken Gregory, Founding Partner, Litman Gregory Asset Management

“This film will bring a better understanding to the public of past and current justifications for allowing some of our lands and waters to remain in a more primitive state that benefit all Americans. The opportunity to reach and educate a broader audience through film will help to inspire new advocates for the protection of our wilderness legacy in a time when we need them the most.”

— Phil Hanceford, Assistant Director, The Wilderness Society

“We need intact and wild places just like we need living, humane cities. This film can help us remember what’s what on our planet.”

— Bill McKibben, Founder 350.org

“Wilderness is a powerful antidote to our over-civilized and hectic lives. We know that wilderness is good for people, good for wildlife, and good for our souls. Film is a powerful medium to help spread the good word about wilderness...and it could use the help.”

— Scott Braden, Wilderness Advocate, Conservation Colorado

“If we are going to pass on America’s great wild land heritage to our children, we need defenders of wilderness, and the key to engaged citizens is education. This film promises to inform, inspire, and excite all who see it by dynamically exploring why wilderness matters from a diversity of perspectives and rationales.”

— Terri Martin, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance

“We need these soul-nurturing wild places more than ever - places where we can experience nature on its own terms without the distractions of the virtual world. Wild Hope will make the compelling arguments on why we still need wilderness in our lives.”

— Tim D. Peterson, Utah Wildlands Program Director, Grand Canyon Trust

“Wild places touch our hearts and souls, healing us and renewing our spirits, reminding us of our tiny place in a vast web of life. We simply can’t count the value of wilderness through typical economic measures. Wild Hope captures and conveys the essence of this truth.”

— Shelley Silbert, Executive Director, Great Old Broads for Wilderness

"When I returned home after serving as a US Army Sniper in Iraq it was the wild spaces that saved my life. I found the solace to reflect on my time at war and an opportunity to share quality time with the ones I love without the distraction of the modern world. Wild Hope exposes the heartbreaking reality that society is prioritizing the exploitation of our natural habitat for capital accumulation. In my mind, our public lands represent the lands-of-the-free I swore to protect as a soldier. Wild Hope shows they are still worth fighting for."

— Garett Reppenhagen, Rocky Mountain Director, Vet Voice Foundation

Wild Hope portrays the contradiction between our modern hectic world of mass consumerism and the beauties of undisturbed wilderness. Through pictures of nature and by interviews with leading thinkers it makes us think about what constitutes a good life, which values are important, how to reconnect with nature, and how to make the necessary changes to achieve some of these goals. It does not offer ready solutions but rather it makes us think and marvel about the beauty of nature and the essence of our civilization.”

— Philip J Vergragt, Professor Emeritus of TU Delft; Fellow at Tellus Institute; co-founder of SCORAI

“We humans are part of the natural world, and Wild Hope will draw you in to a journey through wildness. It affirms our place in nature and reinvigorates the hope that arises from a deep love of this singular planet that is our home."

— Jean C. Smith, Founder, Wild Connections



We invite wildly wonderful sponsors to make Wild Hope materialize, hit the road, broaden perspectives and change lives.

Benefits include:
Totally Wild recognition on the Wild Hope web site, promotions and in the closing credits of the film
Special Screening for your company or friends with Executive Producer Suez Jacobson
Opportunity to display the film on your website
Opportunity to speak at the premier
Ten free tickets with special seating for the Premier Event
Free film download and unlimited video streaming

Benefits include:
Passionately Wild recognition on the Wild Hope web site, promotions and in the closing credits of the film
Opportunity to display the film on your website
Five free tickets with special seating for the Premier Event
Free film download and unlimited video streaming

Benefits include:
Wildly Enthusiastic recognition on the Wild Hope web site, promotions and in the closing credits of the film
Two free tickets with special seating for the Premier Event
Unlimited video streaming



For more information, please contact:

Suez Jacobson, Executive Producer
Mobile: 720.841.2914


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